Lo and Behold. The man who escaped prison not once, not twice but astonishingly 22 times.

Yep, you read that right. Its not 2 times and no, its not a typo. Its freaking twenty two times!

Brian Bo Larsen - PrisonTales.com

The Background

Brian Bo Larsen learned to escape from an abusive father during his childhood. In an early age, Larsen learned to escape his alcoholic and abusive father, who used to beat his mother if not Larsen. He started his ‘criminal’ record at a young age of 8. He used to steel toys and candies from other kids. And at 13 years old, Larsen robbed a gas station with a bayonet. Police patience with the small troublemaker had run out and he was placed in foster care, first in Rynkeby then in Lohals on Langeland. After emptying the safe at his school twice, he was nabbed. Therefore he came to work at a farmer so he could pay the money back.

The First Escape

Brian Bo Larsen’s escapade began in the year 1989. He was also one of the country known prisoner escape from the state prison Vridsløselille in 1995. Larsen’s escape attempt in 2000 was quite dramatic. After a wild escape from Aalborg police in a stolen car, he drove dangerously and ended up totaling the car. As the car could not go any further, Brian Bo Larsen continued on foot into a nearby forest, where a police dog eventually got wind of him.
He was placed in detention in the Aalborg Police Headquarters, but it was not enough to keep him confined, as he escaped by removing the insulating glazing and jump to freedom.

The Recent Escape

Brian Bo Larsen was rearrested after police found him in the company of a prostitute and in possession of drugs in December 2014. Larsen escaped from jail for the 22nd time on 13 December, is known across the country as the “Escape King”. Larsen was finally tracked down on Funen island after he wrecked a stolen car while high on drugs. He was with a prostitute according to her, Larsen crashed through a fence hallucinating and started fighting imaginary people. A local resident called up the police, but by the time the police arrived Larsen had fled the area. The prostitute later explained the strange goings on to the authorities. Police dogs eventually tracked down Larsen wearing a brown wig.

Brian Bo Larsen - PrisonTales.com

Brian Bo Larsen’s Personal Life

Brian Bo Larsen’s mother tried to persuade him and guide him on the right path, but in vain. In 24th of June 2004, Larsen’s mother passed away. He was allowed to attend his mother’s funeral. The 42-year-old wishes to settle down with a family and possibly open a small shop and become independent. Brian Bo Larsen’s record contains, among other escape attempts, car theft, individual robbery and violence against officials.

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